Bomber helps a woman save a dog from a river in Maple Grove Park

When Brady Oliveira drove his puppy to Maple Grove Dog Park on Tuesday, he decided to change the rubber boots he had recently worn for a pair of runners.

Winnipeg blue bombers running back did not know that he would save water during the walk.

“It’s crazy how everything works,” said Oliveira.

“My shoes really got very dirty, but everything’s fine.”

Oliveira, 22, walked around the park with Nelly, the five-month-old dog he saved in Nelson House, Maine. At the beginning of this year, when he saw a woman calling her dog when she was heading for a steep descent to the River Bank.

When he did not see her return, he decided to take a chance to see what was happening.

“I’m going there, and the next thing you know, she’s just in such a panic,” he said.

Brady Oliveira says on Tuesday he helped a woman save her dog from the Red River in the Maple Grove dog park. (Sarah Petz / CBC)

In shock, Oliveira watched as a woman desperately tried to lure a dog out of the river. It has fallen.

“I remember how she said:“ My God, he will not return. I will lose my dog, ”he said.

“Scary moment”

It did not take him a long time to figure out what to do.

“I am such a big dog lover, I say:“ I need to get this dog out of the water, ”he said.

“Should I go and swim and pull the dog, I have to pull the dog.”

Oliveira says his love for dogs is behind rescue in the park on Tuesday. (Submitted by Brady Oliveira)

The woman slipped and grabbed the nearest tree branch to calm down when he jumped down to help. He could not say how deep the water was, but he did not seem to be able to enter or exit.

As more time passed, it became harder and harder for them to try to grab the dog — and harder for the dog to keep trying to sail, he said.

“There is only so much that he could swim before he gets tired, right?” Said Oliveira. “You could say [by the look] on the face of her dog, he was extremely panicked. It was just a terrible moment. “

Finally, the dog came close enough so that the woman could grab her, and Oliveira could pull them both out of the water.

“It was just a messy situation, literally. She was wet, the dog was wet, everyone was full of dirt, ”he said.

“I’m just so, so, so happy that I was there at that time and saw her walking towards the river.”

Football is not forever

Oliveira’s dog, Nellie, stayed with him all the time.

“She’s really amazing. She is such a smart girl, ”he said. “I also think that maybe because she is the salvation … They are extremely loyal to you.”

Nelly is a five-month-old rescue dog from Nelson’s House, Maine. (Submitted by Brady Oliveira)

Oliveira said that as soon as the woman recognized him, it was connected with the work of a football player with K9 Advocates Manitoba, a nonprofit organization that rescues stray dogs from northern Manitoba communities with problems in overpopulation of dogs.

The role of a volunteer is an important part of his life, he said.

“I definitely do not want the game to be determined by the game of football, because you never know when the game of football will take place. It is not eternal, ”he said.

“That’s why I work so hard in the community because I really love giving and helping others.”

Oliveira hopes she can help draw attention to non-profit organizations that find dogs in need of assistance in northern Manitoba, where there are no veterinary services, vaccinate them and deliver them to shelters across the country – and rely on donations to do everything this. ,

Oliveira says it’s important for him to contribute to help the community, so he volunteers with the animal rescue organization K9 Advocates Manitoba. (Submitted by Brady Oliveira)

And if he sees the woman and her dog again, Oliveira said that he hoped that she was in better conditions.

“I’m sure I will definitely see her again in the Maple Grove,” he said. “We can once again laugh at this whole crazy situation that has happened.”

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