Blocking can be stressful for pets – here's how to entertain your dog

In recent weeks, many of us have adapted to new routines. I work from home comes with positives, for example, closer to cookies and work in pajamas. But he also has problems, such as communicating with colleagues and entertaining children.

Like us, many of our pet dogs can also face difficulties. A fussy housekeeping and limited physical activity may mean that our puppies have more problematic behaviors than usual, especially dogs that are easy to strain. But the good news is that while we are adapting to life, there are things we can do to help our dogs feel more comfortable,

Give them a safe place

Firstly, all dogs should have a safe place in the house so that they can enjoy it when they need some time. It can be a spare bedroom, bathroom or utility room (if not too hot or cold) or just a bed in the corner or under the table.

A crate is also a great option for many dogs, and if carefully inserted, it can become their favorite place. Here put a bed, some favorite toys and, possibly, a long chewing or something pleasant, like Kong,

If you have a place, try allocating a place for your pets so that they have space for relaxation.
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Make sure they get enough sleep

Adult dogs on average sleep 12 to 16 hours a dayPuppies are needed sleep even more than that, Most dogs will sleep during the day, while their families are at work and at school, so the constant presence of us during the blocking means that many dogs do not receive they need the restA quiet place where they won’t be bothered by video conferencing or children will help your dog catch some Zs.

Make sure your dog is somewhere calm and quiet to curl up.
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Mixed radios

For walks current management says we can leave the house once a day for training. If you live with another adult, you can breed your dog once. But for many dogs one walk will have to be done.

It’s good for some dogs to get energy in the morning, while others prefer take a walk later to prevent those late night, For non-dog owners, zooming is when your dog starts to run or “manipulate” manic and joyful for no apparent reason.

If you can, try varying your walk time to find what works best for you and your dog. You should also carefully plan your route. If you usually go for a walk somewhere, this is no longer recommended, so you should plan a route near your home.

Hiking trails can be busier than usual with other pedestrians and cyclists or runners who can no longer access the gym. If your dog is struggling with any of them, planning your route and avoiding popular times is crucial. Your dog may find his new routine more stressful than usual, so be aware of this.

Try mixing when and where you walk your dog to find out what works best for both of you.
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Stimulate them mentally

security mental stimulation for your dog it is very important now, as it gives them something to do and enriches their life. It can also help get rid of boredom and unwanted behavior such as chewing – think puzzles and toys for food and Training trick, Through beauty YouTube and social networksdog owners can also learn more about enrichment of dogs than ever.

One of the simplest options for mental stimulation is point feeding. Just scattering your dog’s pieces or small treats on the floor and letting your dog vacuum them, encourages them to use their nose and makes lunch time more interesting.

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Once your dog learns this, you can try it in the grass or in mat, Or take one more step and teach your dog the basics of flavoring – hide food and let it smell. This is my cooper's favorite dog! Longer chews or stuffed toys such as Kongs are a great option to help your dog curl up how to lick and chewing movements promote relaxation,

Filling a Conga or similar stuffed toy with peanut butter or dog treats will also help your dog relax during this important challenge. Freezing stuffed toys makes them last longer, but accumulate them slowly to avoid disappointment. You should also introduce food carefully and avoid overfeeding – always make sure that the food is also safe for dogs.

Time to teach your dog new tricks.
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Be realistic

These are difficult times, but the presence of our pets will help make the transition smoother for everyone. But it’s also important to be flexible – the transition to life in conditions of tight attachment is difficult for all of us, therefore, if your dog regresses during training or demonstrates new unwanted behaviorsBe patient and willing to make adjustments and seek advice from weightless simulator if you need help

First of all, enjoy this time with your dog. Although the world seems so unfamiliar, our pets are working hard to bring us joy. Let them know that they are doing a great job!

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