Best Celebrity Quarantine TikToks

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato? Name a more iconic duet, we'll wait. Former Disney Channel stars seem to have revived their friendship during quarantine, recalling their good old days on Instagram Live. Remember when Lovato kissed the Jonas brothers and had a gap tooth or when Cyrus apologizes for smoking sage?

Most of Instagram Live, which is part of the new IG-based Cyrus talk show. Brightly tuned: live with Miley, was super deep Page six, Cyrus reflected on how embarrassed she was when she wore a brown latex bikini during a performance with Robin Thicke at the MTV VMA Awards 2013, and both stars talked about their long-standing friendship. However, in fact, it was the material that got to the Cyrus account in TikTok. Let's be real: deepening is good, but we're looking for lightness in the middle of a pandemic.

In one of TikTok videoCyrus freely accepts a quarantine life: “Hmm, this is a stain. I haven't knocked out of these sweatpants for about five days, ”she says. “And I have no plans to do this any time soon.” Same! in second video, Cyrus and Lovato take their puppies at the very first time of their game (of course, using video chat, because all good boys also keep their social distance). We can all probably agree that the world now needs more puppy content.

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