Bernie Sanders was a young man when he was young

Bernard Sanders was born on September 8, 1941. In 1959 he graduated from James Madison High School in Brooklyn. He was reportedly a long-distance runner, and judging by his photographs in the yearbook (above), we would completely ask him for graduation. 20th century socialist was a bit of a cross Spider man star Tom Holland and pop star Harry Smiles Harry Styles – the last look really came into play when Bernie began to grow this mane.

Sanders somehow managed to simultaneously stir up the laid-back hipster vibration and activist’s hardcore personality. His thick knitted sweaters and thick-rimmed glasses have become a force to be reckoned with, and after decades he remains a strong figure. The former politician-politician obviously has a significant base of supporters. He has his own The honorable taste of Ben and Jerry ice creamand some of his fans even tried to turn Sanders’s general love of politics into something more.

In accordance with Business Insider, Followers of the senator in 2016 launched a dating site called Bernie Singles, where supporters can, among other things, mingle and link their common political convictions.

Whether Sanders moves to the White House or not, he made millions and earned a place in history as an influential US leader – something that clearly began when he was a child in those days.

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