BC. Officials will not change health rules to allow NHL to play in the province

Vancouver’s chances of becoming one of the National Hockey League’s “city centers” may be like a defender slap from this point of view – something like a long-range strike.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has announced some details on how the league plans to resume its 2019-20 season on Tuesday, including 24-team playoff format,

Among the details was the announcement that the league plans to create two central cities in which several teams will play their games. One city will host the teams of the Western Conference, the other will host the teams of the Eastern Conference.

Ten cities were shortlisted, including three from Canada: Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto.

Check out the two-minute summary of Commissioner Gary Bettman’s press conference:

Commissioner Bettman outlined a playoff format with 24 NHL teams and a draft lottery. 2:11

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daley, however, said that Canadian cities would not be possible unless Canada lifted its 14-day quarantine requirements for international travelers.

“If we cannot get the interpretation of quarantine in accordance with our players’ ability to travel, and we do not have to strictly enforce the quarantine in the hotel room … we cannot use any of the Canadian cities as the city center,” said Daly.

“So, we are faced with the need to find a solution to this problem. And I hope we can. ”

At a Tuesday afternoon press conference on Tuesday, the NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced a format in which 24 teams are participating. However, there is still no schedule to resume games due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Bruce Bennett / Getty Images / File)

Fighting trouble

Providing NHL teams with a quarantine pass is not an issue for Provincial Health Officer B.S. Dr. Bonnie Henry.

She said on Tuesday that she had not seen a plan from the NHL, but any exceptions for professional hockey would be an offside position.

“I would like to have hockey, but … we will not break the rules that would jeopardize what we have achieved here in BS.”

“I am glad to see what we can do, but we will not change any rules that put anyone at risk.”

Prime Minister John Horgan did not hide his desire to see B.S. as the venue for the NHL rally, but speaking later on Tuesday, he supported Henry’s position.

“We want to support the Canucks in any endeavors in which they participate, but we want the rules to be the same for everyone,” Horgan said.

UBC lecturer Aziz Rajwani, wearing a vintage Trevor Linden Canucks jersey, said there are some factors that work against Canadian cities as NHL hubs. (Cbc)

Aziz Rajwani, lecturer at Sauder School of Business at British Columbia, said that if Vancouver becomes a city center, it will be great for the dying hospitality industry and provide civic pride.

However, he thinks that if any Canadian city has a chance, it is most likely Toronto in the east.

He also points out that it is difficult to imagine a league that wants to play on both sides of the border.

“You will have to monitor the two federal governments, their rules, regulations, health officials,” Rajwani said.

“If you stick to one country, this process will be much easier.”

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