Alouettes GM Maciocia prepares for CFL project as part of COVID-19 insulation measures

For the CFL team’s general manager, a draft day, as a rule, is a hive of activity and includes work from elbow to elbow with scouts, since everyone collectively breaks into several hours in one room.

However, this year, the new reality of life under COVID-19 means that Montreal Alouettes grandmaster Danny Makiocia will be physically alone in his basement while he and his football team decide which players they will choose to change the future of their franchise.

“I’m going to do this without leaving home, probably with my children in the background, so that they come and drink a cup of coffee every time and for a while,” he joked.

But while the project this year will not look quite normal, Makiocia says the goals have not changed.

He is still optimistic that CFL will have a season, despite the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and he says his election will reflect that.

“We will act on the assumption that there will be a season, and we will draw up an appropriate project. This will not change our thinking, ”Makiocia said.

The start of the CFL training camps, which were due to open in May, has been delayed, and cities like Calgary have banned any public gatherings on their premises until late August, which casts doubt on the possibility of the start of the season earlier than September.

Canadian NFLers may present opportunities for Als

Several Canadian players who are projected to receive high peaks in the CFL draft are already picked up by NFL teams.

Neville Gallimore, an Ottawa quarterback who was at the top of many CFL boards, was selected in the 3rd round of the NFL draft by Dallas cowboys.

Others, such as Quebec-Marc-Antoine Decois, did not go on contract, but signed with Green Bay Packers as a free agent.

This could provide an opportunity for teams like the Alouettes, who have no choice in the first round of this year.

“Usually, we saw players pick up or sign contracts with NFL clubs and they get into the CFL draft,” says Maciocia.

Montreal Security University Marc-Antoine Decois was signed up as an unused free agent by the NFL Green Bay Packers, but could provide his former trainer Danny Maciocio with an intriguing option during the 2020 CFL project. (James Hajar / University of Montreal)

Montreal’s first choice is the 14th overall, and players like Decoy, who Maciokia trained at the University of Montreal, may be available.

“He is definitely a force to be reckoned with,” Makiocia said, but added that taking a player like Decoy is a big gamble because he can have a long NFL career and maybe he will never lose in CFL.

“We want to choose the best player from the available ones, but when we look at the needs, we are trying to consider the depth right now.”

Makiocia said that this year’s project has good prospects for an offensive line and is very deep in the position of the recipient.

Return S.Ya. Green?

If the Alouettes did not want to dial the receiver this year, perhaps they could return the former All-Star and fan favorite to S.J. Green.

Green, who won the Gray Cups with Alouettes in 2009 and 2010, is looking for a new contract and reportedly would like to return to Montreal to end his career.

Makiocia said that he had not had any discussions with Green yet, but added that Aluet should turn the red carpet for him when he decides to resign.

S.J. Greene, who is considered a member of the Montreal Aluets during the 2015 game, reportedly would like to end his career in Montreal. Als CEO Danny Maciocia said he had not yet spoken to the receiving veteran about reuniting with the team. (Graham Hughes / Canadian Press)

“Regardless of whether he plays another game, another or another minute, I think he deserves to resign as Aluett,” said Maciocia.

“I would strongly recommend the organization that when this day comes, we strongly recommend that he come to Montreal and we will have a ceremony for him, because he deserves everything that he achieved here, like Aluet, and I think that he must resign as Alouette. “

Green is 34 years old and a 13 year old CFL veteran. He played 10 seasons in Montreal and five times in a row was the star of the Eastern Division before being traded to Toronto Argos in 2017. Most recently, he signed up as a free agent in XFL.

The CFL project is scheduled for Thursday, April 30th.

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