A trio of pole vault stars will take part in a backyard contest on May 3

Three of the world’s leading pole vaults host shows from their yards.

After cleaning the bar, maybe a barbecue?

The competition, announced as the Ultimate Garden Clash, will take place on Sunday and will be broadcast on World Athletics social networks. This is a rare sporting event during the pandemic that puts off the Tokyo Games until 2021, and the track and field competition schedule has been suspended.

Mondo Duplantis, the Swedish world record holder, will compete from his base in Louisiana. He will meet with two-time world champion Sam Kendricks, who will compete with the Mississippi, and the 2012 London Olympics champion Reno Lavilieni, who uses his installations from his home in France.

The trio collaborated in a contest format. Instead of the winner being the one who removed the highest bar, they will see who will be able to jump 5 meters (16 feet) most often in a 30-minute interval. Athletes agreed with the format, as barbell adjustment is not possible without officials.

“I’m thrilled to be able to compete again, especially with Sam and Renault,” Duplantis said in a statement on Friday. “Since it is not known what other competitions we will be holding together, we will definitely enjoy it and have a good time with him. In addition, it is very important to win, because I do not really like to lose to them. “

Duplantis is featured as a favorite. In the end, he broke the Lavillenie world record in February. He overcame 6.17 meters (20-2 3/4), and then 6.18 (20-3 1/4) on weekends in a row.

Swedish Armand “Mondo” Duplantis sets the world record for the winner in 2020. Duplantis set a 6.18-meter pole vault world record at a private meeting in Glasgow, adding one centimeter to the record he set in Poland. (Andy Buchanan / AFP via Getty Images)

Again, uniqueness makes it someone else’s competition.

“The problem is that we don’t know what it takes to win, so it will be difficult to evaluate our efforts,” Kendricks said. “I know that it does not matter what we do together. Each of us wants to win. ”

Pole vaults are unique for each of them. In the commercial, Kendricks’ rug looks covered in trees, while Lavilleni is next to the theater and the trampoline. In a recent video posted by a Puma sponsor, the Duplantis pole vault platform is located near a bushy bricked wall.

One and the same thing: all three want to clear this bar as many times as possible.

The beginning of a trend?

“This is a great opportunity to see the best jumpers in the new competition format, demonstrating their love of sports in competitions when most other sports are off,” Lavilleni said. “And since we are all at home, we have no excuse to skip this international home competition.”

This could be the beginning of a trend. World Athletics will consider hosting the Ultimate Garden Clash in other competitions.

Currently, nine competitions in a season of 15 diamond leagues are either postponed, rescheduled, or curtailed.

Bislett’s games in Oslo on June 11 were renamed Impossible Games and turned into an exhibition event. The organizers said that the competition participants will still offer a prize pool in the form of a $ 50,000 World Athletics contribution. It will be attended by the Norwegian world champion in 400 meters hurdles Karsten Warholm, striving for a world record in the rarely overcome 300 barriers.

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Lavillenie wins pole vault among men, while Canadian Sean Barber continues to struggle with finish in fifth place 6:17 a.m.

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