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Five State Licenses Are No Longer Valid for Travel
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Airmen from five non-compliant US states will soon no longer be able to use their driver's license to board domestic flights.
The decision, which comes under the Real ID Act passed 10 years ago, is due to states that do not meet the higher standards imposed by the government for identity cards issued by the state.
Less than half (22) of states have complied with the recent law and, while other states are waiting for review, five states – Illinois; Minnesota; Missouri; New Mexico and Washington – were found to be non-compliant and no revisions are in progress.
The Real ID Act was designed to strengthen the standards on the documents required to obtain a driver's license in order to crack down on the potential of terrorists and criminals to obtain credit cards. identity issued by the state.
The law makes it more difficult to obtain a driver's license with a history of counterfeiting.
Despite the law stipulating that non-compliant identity cards can not be used to board domestic flights, neither the Department of Homeland Security nor TSA applied the standard, but would have started to enforcing in 2016, according to CNN Money.
In addition to the five states mentioned above, the majority of people living in non-compliant states are not in the short term and 19 states have benefited from extensions of exemptions until October 10, 2016, with four states currently Subject of an extension request.
Once the rules are applied, the travelers involved will likely need a passport or other piece of valid government identity to steal.